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On the enterprise:

Our WWT is an industrial enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sale. It has an independent and large scale production system, focusing on the quality of the process from the raw materials, developing more high-quality products with the attraction of innovation as the main attraction, and making great efforts to create an example of the industry. The company has internal sales, finance, warehousing and other related departments, each of its own duties; we promise to serve the profession with integrity, and open the market for good faith.

About the brand:

Our WWT owns two independent brands: "X POWER" and "FIGHTING BRO".
Among them, "X POWER" main external accessories, "FIGHTING BRO" main internal accessories. The product line is clear and clear, and has also developed many popular products. In the future, we will intensify innovation and research and development, improve production technology as the principle and strive for excellence.



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